• By providing financial help to another member, you have activated the GOLDEN FAMILY 60%  with other bonuses.

  • Its all about kindness and trust, its all about giving and receiving, its all about financial freedom, its all about YOU!

  • Happiness is not in the future, happiness is now! Happiness begins when FREEDOM is achieved.


We are one great family bound by one common vision 'ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM" Golden Family is a community of benevolent people under one united umbrella where members help each other financially through peer-to-peer donation. The ultimate vision of this great family is creating a world of financial freedom, liberation from poverty, debt and financial bondage. We are one family helping ourselves financially, the money circulates among us together we are building each other until we all become financially free and live a life of happiness and satisfaction.

We can help ourselves, that’s why we came together under the GOLDEN FAMILY to uplift the burden of financial worries crippling the lives of the ordinary people. In the midst of the current economic woes buffeting the world, and several lies and false hope being sold, WHAT IS HOPE OF THE COMMON MAN? This platform was developed as the solution to the cry of many who have labored all their lives, but is still subject to lack and penury. This system is the answer to help the helpless who could never have dream of having a good live. In the GOLDEN FAMILY there is no greed and dishonesty among the family members, just like a real earthly family where help is rendered to the one needing it, just like a family where everybody is cared for, GOLDEN FAMILY is where everybody is cared for, we share this vision and holds each member in high esteem.



The GOLDEN FAMILY  mission is to build a community of people that are financially capable, independent, debt free and a happy family, founded on love and kindness where each member lives their dream live of endless happiness satisfaction, peace of mind, liberality, and freedom. We strive to build and replicate the same atmosphere experienced in the family settings. The obligation we owe ourselves in this great family is love, openness and trust.


In GOLDEN FAMILY everything is done in love. Love and kindness to provide financial help to a member that needs it and you can have the trust to receive the same love and kindness back when you too request for help. Our guiding principle is LOVE and TRUST, kindness to each family member, that’s why GOLDEN FAMILY will not hesitate to block or delete any dishonest member from our system.



 GOLDEN FAMILY is simply a platform, a community of people helping people financially. GOLDEN FAMILY does not operate a central bank account where members have to pay money into. All transactions are done by members donating money to each other directly to their bank accounts. There is no interference whatsoever. The GOLDEN FAMILY system only automate and regulate the merging of the members, making the whole process hitch free and smooth. GOLDEN FAMILY is totally for the people, a system designed to liberate the members from financial bondage.